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PATROL LINE's new generation alarm system is a revolutionary novelty among CAN-BUS car alarms. With the help of a new digital technology, a freely programmable CAN-BUS appliance was developed which can be programmed and specified to the requirements of different cars.
This achievement considerably reduces the needs for investment by dealers and retailers since there is no need to keep an alarm system for each car in the storage. Besides, there will be no more unsaleable idle invetories emerging from market fluctuation and incalculability.
It greatly reduces the time necessary to install the system due to the unique technology of PATROL LINE.

Present and future
The manufacturers of security systems face a serious problem during the innovations for car electric sytems. Developments require a lot of time and money. PATROL LINE keeps up with the developments and directly reacts to the challenges.  PARTOL LINE CAN-BUS car alarms are simply "present in the future!"

Since CAN-BUS car alarms - as opposed to traditional car alarms - are only present in a few car makes in the European and Hungarian markets, PAROL LINE novelty means real and usable advantages for every PATROL LINE dealer.
We firmly believe that PATROL LINE dealers gain an invincible advantage in the future, because, having few competitors, they can satisfy an instant demand with a new generation's sulution and prices in a continuously growing market.
Time is money
PATROL LINE engineers, when creating CAN-BUS alarms, developed a communicational system between the alarm and the CAN-BUS system of the car which has not been recognized ny any other competitor selling CAN-BUS alarms. It is a great way to save time for installing, since only 5 cables must be installed to operate the alarm. Thus, the installation time is reduced to 20 to 40 minutes from 3 hours, resulting considerable decrease in costs and increase in capacity.
Dealer development
Being the exclusive distributor of PATROL LINE CAN-BUS car alarms in Middle-East Europe, our group of companies starts to form its dealer network in connection with selling the products in January 2007.

We look for the possibilities of cooperation in Middle-East Europe, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ukraine, and on the Far-East in Japan and China with wholesale companies dealing with car alarms, automotive importers, car exhibition rooms and installer shops. As the distributor of PATROL LINE our aim can only be to introduce the product and make it successful in the mentioned above countries making use of the advantages provided by the EU.
For our exclusively partners we purchase and provide a hardware-software set, which is necessary to program and specify the alarms through the computer.

We continuously provide for our dealers online those instructions and documents which contain technical and commercial information (car specific installation instructions, specified drawings, photos, Hungarian descriptions, etc.) which are necessary for the efficient installation, use and sale of the appliance.

Considering dealers' ideas, we continuously contact our Italian partner about future solutions.

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